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When trying to find a local company for this business case part, we asked our friends “Do you know any company that applies relationship marketing methodology?” but we did not receive the answer we expected.

Even when we searched on Google, we found no local company that declares “we are applying relationship marketing”, either. There are very few articles about Relationship Marketing in Vietnamese. It seems that relationship marketing is a quite new definition to local companies.

So, we started to change the approach, we were thinking about companies that provide with service or product to ourselves and finally found Mobifone, a local mobile phone service provider and of that Hanh Tam is a subscribes.

The more we studied about Mobifone’s marketing activities, the more we felt excited with what the company has been doing.

From our point of view, they are applying Customer Relationship Marketing very well and below are our findings:

  • Products and Service are designed and marketed for specific groups of targeted customers.
  • They build and maintain a very good rapport to their customers with a great deal of marketing programs, reward programs and customer service and customer care.
  • They are not only maintaining good relationship with existing customers but trying to build relationship all community with a lot of contribution and charity activities.

In referring to models of our preferable Relationship Marketing we noticed that the marketing strategy they are following is really close to model of Man So and Speece that focuses much on activities of:

  • Social activities
  • Information Exchange activities
  • Sales activities
  • Managing and Monitoring activities



mobifoneAfter studying the relationship marketing theory, we will introduce an example to see how a Vietnam local company is applying methods of Customer Relation Marketing. Our example is Mobifone, one of three biggest mobile network providers of Vietnam.

Some information about Mobifone:

Mobifone was established in 1993.

In 2013, a survey conducted by AC Nielsen said the level of Mobifone’s customer satisfaction is the highest of 3 operators surveyed. The index is 97%, while of their competitors Vinaphone and Viettel are respectively 78% and 84%.

Recently in September 15th 2016 Mobifone was ranked 4th out of the 50 most valuable brands of Vietnam by Brand Finance – one among leading firm of consultants and brand valuation, founded by David Haigh in 1996, headquartered in London.

Mobifone positions itself as a youthful, friendly, creative and customer centric brand. When studying the company we found them are very persistent and consistent in showing that the brand characteristics.

Now, let’s see five core values of the company:

  • High-quality serviceimage-6
  • Being polite and cheerful
  • Listening and cooperation
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Dedication and creativity

And below is the statement of their commitment to customers:

  1. Welcome customers with greetings. Being friendly in gestures, smiles and eye contact. Call customers name.
  2. Listen to and serve customers with an attitude of respect
  3. Try to understand and anticipate customer needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations
  4. Provide accurate information on all the services and products and answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately
  5. Take ownership of customer’s issues and complaint and follow up to ensure that the customers are satisfied
  6. Keep the promise and be honest
  7. Always apologize to customers when problems happened
  8. Thank each customer and encourage them to give feedback


Review of Mobifone’s application of Customer Relationship Marketing

1. Communicate frequently:

Mobifone has built and is maintaining a VARIOUS COMMUNICATION CHANNELS that help them keep continuous contact to their customers. Very frequently, on weekly basis or once the information is available, Mobifone communicate to their customers through several of communication channels. The channels they use are mostly internet tools including:

  • Emailshutterstock_91096202
  • SMS
  • Application installed on customers’ smartphone
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • YouTube

However, texting is one among the most effective communication tool to exchange the information. Information provided via these channels serves for purpose that the customers feel connected and updated and on the other hands, the communication helps the company promotes their services and products effectively. Mostly information is updates of new products and services; promotion and award programs; congratulations on any public events or client’s own special events.

The content of information is customized to groups of customers based on their age and characteristics. They are now focusing on groups of customers who are:

  • Young people
  • Students
  • Members of a family or a community

Customers are also grouped based on level of level of their loyalty such as new subscribes or silver membership, golden membership, and diamond membership.

2. Offer Customer Awards

Mobifone regularly provides with award program that encourage people to register to their mobile network or to increase their using of products and services or keep existing customers stay with the network longer.

To each group of customers the awards applied are as follows:

  • New customers: Awards of free calls and messages
  • Existing customer: Double the top up amount of money
  • Loyal customer: Record the point to leverage their Membership

Below are more forms of award they are offering to their loyal customer with silver membership, golden membership, and diamond membership.

  • Free Service Awards image-9
  • Vouchers for shopping
  • Flight miles for getting free air ticket or Membership of VIP lounge at the Airport
  • Golf Club Membership
  • Discounts and benefits from associated Product/Service Brands: Healthcare and Beauty Care, Playing Clubs for Kids, Voucher for dinning and vacation, Fitness Club Membership.

We noticed a remarkable thing is that all the products and services they choose to offer to their clients are what shows their CARE TO THE WELL-BEING of clients and their relatives. Such human touching things will keep their customers stay and never leave them for any other network provider.

3. Build two-way communication

Establishing a relationship requires establishing a dialog” (

In building relationships with customers, BEING LISTENED also is equally important to providing with information to our customers. When being listened, customers will feel connected with the company.

The two-way dialogues that Mobifone is applying include:

  • Free-charge Hotline
  • Facebook
  • PBX support
  • Website
  • Application on smart phone

4. Enhance customer service:

Mobifone are now bringing more and more convenience to their customers. With the channels they are using, their customers are served better and queries from them are solved quickly and effectively. Since July 2010, Mobifone started using YouTube channel to interact with their clients. Clips posted on the YouTube channel are targeted to both existing customers and potential customers.

Recently they have introduced 2 more tools that received much appreciation of the customers.

  • Application on clients’ smart phones that allows:
    • Check newsimage-4
    • Top up for pre-paid
    • Making Online Payment
    • Registration/Deregistration of services
    • Finding the Mobifone shop
    • Check call charges
  • Customer SelfCare Program: Customers send message to free-of-charge automated texting center to:
    • Get information they need
    • Leave message of their feedbacks
    • Leave support request
  • My Mobifone Page on their website provides with more tools for customers to actively top up and make payment by themselves through bank accounts, credit cards, ATM, FastPay with pre-paid card.

5. Launch multicultural programs:

Mobifone creates a website in English with that they can acquire more foreign customers who frequently make oversea calls or consume huge internet packages. Below is the link to their English website:

6. Organize special events and charity activities:

It seems that Mobifone is fully aware of importance of building relationship with the whole community because they have been organizing a lot of events and activities for their customers and contributing a lot for community through charity programs.

Their most significant regular events in the year are:

  • Mobifone Golf Tournament (since 2013) targets to middle-age loyal customers
  • Mobifone Rockstorm (since 2007) targets to young customers

sim_mobifone_rockstorm_01The events were much appreciated by both the targeted audiences and community as they well achieved 2 objectives of caring of their customers and of calling donations for charity activities.


Some of their charity programs that are appreciated much by community:

  • Funding for the “Operation Smiles” and the “Hope for Children”
  • Giving water tanks for people in areas affected by salinity
  • Giving note books for people in poor areas
  • Offering houses for families of war invalids martyrs
  • Funding for the National Fund for Children of Vietnam
  • Funding for Disability Sports Association

Now, we hope that you are on the same page with us of why Mobifone is evaluated the first rank in customer service and hope that in the future you will never feel surprised if one of your friends or relatives tell you that he/she is happy with mobile phone and he/she never thinks to try another networks.

If you need further or details on Mobifone let’s follow the link:

And if you find out any other information please share with us.

With the best regards,

Thu Huong & Hanh Tam